7th World Congress Against the Death Penalty: interview with Carleen Pickard as part of Lush’s abolitionist campaign

2 August 2019

Discover the interview of Carleen Pickard, Ethical Campaign Specialist at Lush North America, at the 7th World Congress Against the Death Penalty in Brussels. She started a campaign against the death penalty in every store of the region. In this interview, she discusses the reasons for this choice but also the impact it has had on customers and staff.

The death penalty does not make our community safer, it does not address the root causes of crime and it is not applied fairly throughout the United States.

Carleen Pickard spoke alongside Richard Branson at the plenary session "Business and the death penalty" of the 7th World Congress against the Death Penalty. A conference organized to encourage this collaboration.

Lush's campaign was a great success, both with clients and with staff and humanitarian organizations working against the death penalty. Unfortunately, this is still too rare an initiative, but it is hoped that it will encourage other companies to commit themselves against the death penalty!