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Abolition of the death penalty is never definitively acquired. 60% of the world population still lives in a country whose penal system includes the death penalty, and in abolitionist countries public opinion must be endlessly informed and made aware. With its project Teaching Abolition, created in 2009, ECPM has been able to develop various ways to raise awareness among young people. Lesson modules, school events and class projects are freely available to help them consider the right to life.


Abolition Now! is a board game developed by ECPM and Ludcom to allow you, the citizens of the world, to learn about the various strategies to abolish the death penalty.

Become Head of Government, a diplomat, a journalist, a jurist, an academic, an activist or a prisoner previously sentenced to death, and, just like in real life, use your differences as a real force to achieve universal abolition of the death penalty together!

It’s your turn to play!

In french only :

How can you receive Abolition Now? 

Just send a cheque for 15 euros made out to Ensemble Contre la Peine de Mort to the following address:

69, rue Michelet
93100 Montreuil

And for experienced players, an extension of the game can be downloaded below with new countries and new questions for the academic:

10 autres questions pour l’intellectuel

Extension du jeu Abolition Now – carte pays