ECPM has been active in the DRC since 2005, in partnership with the Congolese Coalition Against the Death Penalty and the NGO


– assisting the Congolese Coalition Against the Death Penalty. Regionally, a Great Lakes Coalition has already been created, recently becoming known as the Central Africa Coalition Against the Death Penalty. The Network of Parliamentarians Against the Death Penalty was initiated on 10 October 2016.


– assisting the Congolese Coalition strategically, in particular encouraging meetings and general assemblies.


– advocating for reform of the criminal code and the constitution, and promoting international instruments such as the UN resolution for a universal moratorium on application of the death penalty and the Universal Periodic Review.

– regularly organising visits to prisons and calling on the authorities for greater transparency concerning these issues. An investigation organised in 2005 in the region by ECPM gave rise to a report which received the Human Rights Prize.


– supporting the organisation of public debates and anti-death penalty school visits. The abolition drawing competition is followed by a large number of Congolese schoolss.