Want to join the global abolitionist movement? ECPM offers you different opportunities to do so, according to your wishes and possibilities. Whether it is by giving your time, donating money or sharing know-how, you will definitely find a way to get involved.


The struggle for universal abolition is making progress but many obstacles remain. To confront these challenges, ECPM works with everyone from schools to large international bodies.

The money ECPM receives from donations is used to run our organisation. It means we can employ professionals who train, advocate and federate around this value of justice which is abolition of the death penalty. It helps us run support campaigns like the one we implemented for Serge Atlaoui. Finally, it facilitates the organisation and publication of investigations such as our annual report on the death penalty in Iran.

Giving a donation to ECPM means helping us promote a societal choice based on non-violence. It means demanding abolition, now!

Donating money to ECPM enables you to benefit from a fiscal reduction of 66% of up to 20% of your taxable income.

If the funds collected total more than the requirements, ECPM reserves the right to allocate them to activities it judges to be a priority and which have the same purpose.