31 Moroccan death row inmates pardoned by King Mohammed VI

2 August 2019

ECPM welcomes the pardon granted to 4764 people on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the reign of King Mohammed VI.

Among these persons, there are 31 death row inmates for whom their sentences have been commuted to life imprisonment. However, there are still 60 others on death row in Moroccan prisons.

It is for these 60 prisoners on death row and for all those who could join them that the Moroccan coalition against the death penalty continues to mobilize. Although this victory is cause for celebration, the fight for the abolition of the death penalty is not over.

On the occasion of this royal pardon, the Moroccan coalition therefore drafted a press release to remind us of this.

The pardoned persons were chosen for humanitarian reasons: illness, age, parents, etc. Or for good behaviour in prison.

It is customary for the king to grant a certain number of pardons on the feast of the throne. This takes place every year on the anniversary of the enthronement of the current king, on July 30, therefore for Mohamed VI. These festivities were particularly grandiose this year as it was the 20th anniversary.