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ECPM continuously conducts various campaigns aimed at achieving the universal abolition of the death penalty. From support to Serge Atlaoui and other Indonesian death row inmates, to international human rights advocacy (U.N.), our campaigns reflect the diversity of our causes and means of action.



ECPM pays special attention to Iran which holds the record for the number of executions carried out on its people. Moreover, these executions are often organised in public and in a spectacular manner.

In partnership with the NGO Iran Human Rights, every year ECPM publishes a report on the death penalty in Iran. It is particularly difficult to obtain information about both the conditions of detention and the number of prisoners sentenced to death in this country. For more information, you can read the interview with Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, spokesperson and co-founder of Iran Human Rights, carried out upon publication of the 8th report in 2015.

PDF of reports from :

Rapport - Iran - 2015


Rapport - Iran - 2014


Rapport - Iran - 2015


Rapport - Iran - 2013