D-2 days before the 2019 Pride march: here is what awaits you!

27 June 2019

This Saturday, June 29, ECPM is wearing its best clothes to march in the colours of the campaign "The death penalty is homophobic" during the Paris Pride march. And this, for the fifteenth consecutive year!

ECPM has many surprises in store for you, including a series of mini-games to learn more about countries that still sentence homosexuality to death.

To take up the challenge, meet us on Saturday 29 June at 2pm at 47 boulevard du Montparnasse (75006).

We are waiting for many of you to walk proudly against inequalities!

For the most impatient, discover here the first images.


During the walk, come and see us!

Today, 12 countries condemn homosexuality to death while 61 others criminalize it.

During the March, 12 postcards representing the 12 countries condemning homosexuality to death will be distributed to you. On the back, you will find various educational mini-games (quizzes, charades, arrow words) around our campaign "The death penalty is homophobic".

If you're lost....

Don't worry, the ECPM team and volunteers will be there to explain everything!

As a reminder, our campaign "The death penalty is homophobic" urges the 12 countries whose legislation provides for the death penalty for homosexuality to decriminalize it: Afghanistan, Brunei, Iran, Mauritania, Qatar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

The first games in exclusivity!

The rest on Saturday 29 June.