CIFDAH, ACAT Burkina and BF Coalition


– by encouraging the meeting of various actors (NGOs, lawyers, doctors, journalists) to increase the networks against the death penalty throughout the country

– by accompanying the actors of the civil society in its plea for the abolition of the death penalty

– by sensitising parliamentarians to the abolitionist arguments

– by facilitating the presence of Burkina Faso actors at international events on the death penalty


ECPM organised the parliamentary seminar on the abolition of the death penalty in Francophone Africa on December 19 and 20, 2016, in the presence of parliamentarians from 14 Francophone African countries.
In partnership with the CIFDAH and the Burkina Faso Coalition Against the Death Penalty, ECPM has conducted an advocacy campaign with the authorities aimed at introducing the abolition of the death penalty in Burkina Faso’s new constitution.