The film of the 7th World Congress Against the Death Penalty is online!

28 May 2019

More diversified, more participatory and more formative than ever, dive into the heart of the 7th edition of the world's largest abolitionist event, held in Brussels from February 26 to March 1st 2019.

Politicians, activists, lawyers, researchers, citizens: more than 1500 abolitionist fighters from all over the world seized the opportunity to gather their forces and ideas during four days of debates, training, workshops and cultural events in the heart of the European capital. 

This film is there to testify to that. It is there to carry the fight for universal abolition and the words of those who create it outside the walls of the European capital.

Subtitles are available in English and French. To select the language, click on the "settings" icon at the bottom right of your YouTube player, then choose "subtitles".

This unique event has been organised in a different city every three years since 2001 by ECPM association, in partnership with the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty, the 7th World Congress Against the Death Penalty took place this year in the heart of the European capital Brussels, from 26 February to 1st March 2019.

These four days of activism, meetings, training and reflection are essential to bring the global abolitionist movement to maturity, to develop a common strategy and to have a real impact on political decisions. This year, the Congress was therefore structured around two objectives: to accompany the African continent towards abolition (in continuity with the work begun at the Abidjan Regional Congress in 2018) and to encourage the involvement of new allies, such as private companies, in the global abolitionist movement. A movement that, more than ever, needs to see beyond the debates, through a more humane perspective; a predominant place was thus reserved for former death row inmates and their families at this Congress.

That's not all! A series of interviews, entitled "Words for Abolition", will continue to give a voice to key actors in our common struggle. The first, with the words of Liévin Ngondji, is already online! You will discover the others in June, stay tuned !

Find this film and much more on our YouTube channel dedicated to the Congress and on our social networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). Feel free to share it, to show you too your commitment!

The 7th World Congress is an event organised by ECPM, in partnership with the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty, under the sponsorship of the Kingdom of Belgium, the European Parliament, the Swiss Confederation, the European Union and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway.

More information on the Congress website:

Thanks to Block8 Production for the realization of this film.